Is Rainwater Harvesting Really A Thing?

Water supplies are scarce.  The need for water is increasing because of the growing population.  Public water sources are expensive and wells are running out of water. Water contamination is a continuing problem.  We need to find alternative water sources!

Rainwater harvesting is a popular option.  The American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA) hosts an annual conference.  ARCSA provides information about collecting rainwater.  They also provide training for rainwater professionals.  

At the December 2019 conference held in Las Vegas, guest speakers presented examples of successful rainwater harvesting.  Rainwater is commonly used for off-grid homes but now it’s becoming mainstream. Homeowners realize the benefits of using rainwater.  Quality and quantity are controllable.  It makes sense to consider a rainwater system.  For more information on ARCSA and its resources:

Water storage tank displayed at ARCSA Conference.
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